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Free Royal Pass Season 5 PUBG Mobile | ₹40 Trick to Get Royal Pass

So, Guys PUBG Mobile Season 5 has arrived and I am sure that all PUBG players would be well aware of Royal Pass. So, I am gonna tell a trick to get PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 5 for Rs.40 ONLY. This method is 100% legal and there is no problem in it. Also this method works only for Android Users and not iOS.

Here are the step by step process to get the Royal Pass Season 5 PUBG Mobile of 600UC

1. First of all you need to have 10 gmail account (old accounts). [Not working on new accounts]
2. Login with your first gmail account.
3. Open Pubg Mobile game and go to UC section.
4. Click on 60 UC (for ₹79) and continue.
5. Fill the address and mobile number if asked.

6. After that select payment option as Net Banking [NET BANKING IS NECESSARY]and then select your bank.
7. Now it will ask you to enter password of your gmail account. [IMPORTANT] Don't type the password.
8. You have to click back button and you will see a message about forgot password. Click on NO THANKS.
9. Then again click back button.

10. Finally you will see a message that you’ll get ₹75 off.
11. Click Next and you will see that total price is ₹4 [₹79-₹75=₹4]. That's all, Make the payment using Net Banking.

12. 60UC will be credited in your PUBG Account.
13. Now REMOVE that gmail form your phone and login with other gmail account.
14. Repeat the same process 10 times get a total of 600UC (Price ₹4×10=₹40) and then you can buy Royal Pass Season 5 in PUBG Mobile.

Hope you guys find this article helpful. Do share this article with your PUBG players so that they can also get tha Royal Pass for ₹40 Only.

Author: Rajnish Kumar
 Founder of Androidly Media, A passionate Tech Blogger. YouTube Channel named with Techy Rajnish. Instagram:@techyrajnish and Twitter:@TechyRajnish

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