How to Connect Realme Buds Air with Smart Phone

Realme Buds Air
Realme Buds Air

Getting problem in connecting or pairing your Realme Buds Air with your Smart Phone? No worries, this article will help you how to Connect Realme Buds Air with Smart Phone.

Realme has launched its 1st truly wireless earbuds – Realme Buds Air on 17th December 2019. The physical overview of this earphone is similar to Apple AirPods and also offers similar features which include wireless charging, wear detection, high quality audio, etc.

How to Connect Realme Buds Air with Smart Phone

For Android Users:

Step 1- First of all enable your Smart Phone’s Bluetooth.

Step 2- Now open the earphone case and press the pairing key for 3 seconds. The earphones will enter the pairing state and you will see that the earphone case will flash green indicator for 10 seconds and then will go out.

Step 3- After that, turn on the device Bluetooth for search. Find ‘Realme Buds Air’ and the click on it. Your phone will receive a pop-up window for pairing the Realme Buds Air. Click Ok and it will connect showing the battery level and active state.

For iOS Users:

Step 1- Enable your iOS Phone’s Bluetooth.

Step 2- Now take out both of the Realme Buds Air earphones out of the charging box and pair it, same like Android described above.

Step 3- Take your iOS Phone and turn on Bluetooth. Find the ‘Realme Buds Air’ in the Bluetooth devices list and connect.

Realme Buds Air
Realme Buds Air Bluetooth Pairing

Auto Re-Connection

The earphones in the charging case/box will automatically get connected to the previous paired device when the cover of the case is opened.

Touch Operations in Realme Buds Air

  • Two touch to answer the phone, play/pause the music.
  • Three touch to skip to next song.
  • Press 2 seconds for hang up during calls.
  • Press 2 seconds to decline incoming calls.
  • Press both sides for 2 seconds at same time to enter and exit game mode.
  • To start voice assistant press the earphones for 2 seconds in standby and playback mode.

This was all about how to Connect Realme Buds Air with Smart Phone and some touch operations in the Realme Buds Air. If you find this article helpful do share it with your friends and needful ones.

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