Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods: Which is a better choice?

Realme Buds Air and Apple AirPods
Realme Buds Air and Apple AirPods

Getting confused between Realme Buds Air and Apple AirPods. This article is about Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods which will help you to know which is a better choice.

OPPO’s Realme has launched its 1st truly wireless earbuds on 17th December 2019. The Realme truly-wireless earbuds, “Realme Buds Air” looks and feels very similar to a more known name in this market, that is Apple. Yes! The “Realme Buds Air” not only looks like The “Apple AirPods”, but also offers similar features like high quality audio, wear detection, wireless charging support, etc.


The Realme Buds Air features the same in-ear design that we see in the Apple earbuds and also in the Apple AirPods. The Realme Buds Air is comparative bigger than the Apple AirPods at 51.3mm to 40.5mm height respectively. Realme Buds Air is slightly heavier than the Apple AirPods at 4.2g to 4g respectively.

Connectivity and Device support:

Both, Realme Buds Air and Apple AirPods offers seemless connectivity in iOS and Android, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 support. With the help of H1 chip used in the AirPods, it automatically gets connected to your Apple Device when taken out of the case.

Similarly, the Realme Buds Air comes with the R1 chip and Google Fast Pair Technology for pairing with android devices.

Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods
Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods

Features and Highlights:

The Realme Buds Air and the Apple AirPods have in-built optical sensor which offers wear detection for automatic play/pause of media. Both of these devices comes with integrated touch control system which allows users to control music and incoming/outgoing calls.

The Realme Buds Air also comes with a new feature known as the Gaming Mode, wich promises to reduce the sound latency by 50%.

Charging and Battery Performance:

The Apple AirPods comes with wireless charging support and also it supports wired charging. The users get up to 5 hours of battery life for listening and the charging box holds up to 24 hours battery life in a single charge.

Whereas, Qi-based wireless charging is supported by the Realme Buds Air and have 10W Type-C charging. On a single charge, it offers up to 3 hours battery life for listening time and 17 hours of playback time.

Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods
Realme Buds Air Vs Apple AirPods


The MRP of Apple AirPods is Rs. 14,900 and Rs. 18,900 for one with the wireless charging case. Realme Buds Air’s MRP is Rs. 4,999 but it costs Rs. 3,999 on Flipkart (including the wireless charging case).

How the things Conclude?

Apple’s AirPods is really good for its truly wireless factor, audio quality, connectivity and good battery life. However, the high pricing has been a great concern for many of us.

The new Realme Buds Air offering all the features that were just a dream for many of us can let us go wireless without emptying our pockets or selling any organ.

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